Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Staffing

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CanAm Flag Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Staffing
For many companies it is not cost effective to maintain an in house environmental, safety and health department. When you need safety staff it is important to get quality trained and experienced people. When you need a safety person we'll provide site specific desginated safety professionals for any size job, any duration, anywhere in the US and Canada at one flat rate. Never any overtime or holiday or extra costs. Travel and per deim may apply in addition to the flat guaranteed lowest rate. Safety on tap.

Whether it's confined space evaluations, hazardous waste management or asbestos exposure assessments, CanAm's safety staffing program is designed to help clients identify, evaluate and control hazardous conditions so that people can work and live in healthy and safe environments.


CanAm's exposure assessments identify environmental hazards so engineering controls can be established or personnal protective equipmentment and be determined.

Pictured below is CanAm's Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) conducting a noise exposure assessment of an industrial operation so that proper control measures can be determined.