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Every client’s needs are unique due to the varying industries, types of facilities, client specializations, and regulatory requirements which CanAm Environmental Safety, Inc. encounters.

Our approach for addressing all of these issues and providing a client-specific implementation can be briefly described as follows:

Evaluation of Occupational Hazards
Occupational hazards are assessed to determine the best approach to meet the regulatory requirements, industry standards, or internal corporate standards related to the client’s industry. Based on this information, a client-specific strategy is devised and put into motion.


The implementation utilizes CanAm's expertise in OSHA, ANSI, and other regulatory or industry standards to utilize Industrial Hygiene procedures and policies that achieve a safe workplace with minimal cost and time investments, and long-term strategies are put into place to ensure compliance and a safe work environment into the future.

Reporting is customized based on the type of strategies being put in place, and client characteristics, such as number of facilities, duration of project, and long-term goals. Written reports compare the assessment results with regulatory requirements, and/or industry of client-specific standards to provide a frame of reference and in cases of large projects, data can be provided to clients in a searchable database to allow viewing of exposure results by facility type, location, job classifications, etc.



How long have you been providing IH services?

CanAm Environmental Safety, Inc. and its qualified professionals, have been providing Industrial Hygiene services for companies, large and small, for 20 years.

With certified staff in all fields of workplace health and safety, and environment, CanAm Environmental Safety, Inc. has the expertise to provide all of your Industrial Hygiene, Safety, and Environmental needs.

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