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Working to improve the indoor air quality in a commercial building

Dr. Duford is seen here teaching a safety course.

Air testing for mold and asbestos removal

Mold removal kits

Hazard Assessments for confined space entry

We inspect and test for asbestos and mold, and remediate mold hazards.

CanAm does indoor air quality inspections and testing

Industrial projects are CanAm's speciality.

Let us help you with your organizations chemical disposal needs. Anything from waste paints to laboratory chemicals, we provide disposal services in accordance with environmental regulations.

Lab packs are CanAm's speciality

Chemical waste disposal

OSHA Compliance Noise Level Monitoring by CanAm

A view of an asbestos project CanAm is monitoring

CanAm staff conducting an asbestos survey for an industrial property management client

CanAm tank Removal

CanAm Industrial Hygiene Services

CanAm conducts Hot Work training and air monitoring for welding fumes

Monitoring worker exposures to airborne hazards during interior drilling operations

Dr. Duford evaluating the hazards of a permit required space using a 4-gas meter.

Worker wearing personal air monitor for lead exposure in preparation of Railroad and Highway Bridge modifications 2015

Isolation system for bridge modification work.  Workers being monitored for lead exposure during work. OSHA Lead-in-Construction Compliance Program implemented.

CanAm Environmental Safety, Inc. performs ambient air monitoring and community air monitoring around hazardous construction sites.

Dr. Duford calibrating air monitoring equipment in preparation for a DOT construction project involving modifications to lead-based painted railroad and highway bridges.

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